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Mara Gordon is a licensed physical therapist specializing in treating the medically complex child. Using the Cuevas Medek (CME) philosophy and exercises, Ms. Gordon has developed at PT practice that is unique in its ability to assess and rehabilitate children with gross motor delays.

For the past 25 years, Ms. Gordon has developed an expertise working with pediatric patients with motor and neurological delays. During the 8 years she worked at the Foundling Hospital (now the Elizabeth Seaton Rehab Center) in NYC, she worked with a diverse team of pediatric specialists including, neurologists, geneticists, orthopedists, orthotists, physiatrists, pediatricians, nurses, child psychologists, physical, occupational and speech therapists. As the Chief Physical Therapist, she was able to coordinate and consult with the most appropriate specialists for her patients.

This unusually diverse background in pediatric care has provided Ms. Gordon with a wealth of knowledge and sensitivity to the needs of medically complex children; knowledge that she integrates into her therapy sessions. She used this experience when she transitioned into providing home-based, center-based and school-based services for Early Intervention, preschool and school-aged children. Mara has worked extensively in New York City, as well as in Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess counties.

In 2011, Ms. Gordon attended her first Cuevas Medek seminar. That seminar impacted the way she has practiced ever since.

“I was genuinely awed by Sr. Cuevas’s unique perspective and extraordinary handling skills.  I began applying the technique and was quickly rewarded with significantly improved therapy outcomes. CME is hands-down the most effective therapeutic technique I have utilized in more than 25 years." 

Ms. Gordon continued her education directly with Senor Cuevas at his physical therapy clinic in Santiago, Chile. This unique experience makes her a much sought-after therapist. Currently, Ms. Gordon is one of a handful of Level III CME therapists living and practicing in the United States.

“My time in Santiago forever changed my professional outlook and my clinical approach.”

Ms. Gordon opened the Metamorphosis Pediatric Physical Therapy clinic in 2016. Its unique mission is to offer pediatric PT services using the CME methodology. 

Ms. Gordon is a graduate of Hunter College and received her Masters in Physical Therapy from Columbia’s College of Physicians and Surgeons in 1992.   

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